Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an Excelli Coin (XLE)?

Excelli Coin (XLE) is an SPL standard token on the Solana blockchain, functioning very similar to ERC-20, but with a negligible gas fee.

2) What is an SPL token?

The Solana Program Library, called SPL, is a collection of on-chain programs maintained by the Solana team. The SPL Token program is the token standard of the Solana blockchain. Similar to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, SPL Tokens are designed for decentralized finance applications.

3) Where can the user store Excelli Coin (XLE)?

Every Excelli user gets an SPL token compatible wallet to hold their Excelli Coin (XLE). The wallet is encrypted and is extremely safe to hold Excelli Coin (XLE).

4) Can Excelli Coins (XLE) be purchased only from exchanges?

No, there are a lot more ways to earn Excelli Coins. It is the reward token of the Excelli platform that people can redeem on further purchases. Influencers, affiliates, shoppers, and users of other services can earn Excelli Coins (XLE).

5) Where will the XLE token be listed?

Excelli is in negotiations with the leading centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges for listing XLE tokens. This enhances the liquidity of XLE tokens enabling the users to buy and sell tokens seamlessly.

6) Is there a vesting period for team tokens?

Yes, there will be a vesting period for the team tokens. The tokens distribution will have a cliff of one year and a vesting period of an additional year.

7) Which mode of payments will be accepted during the sale?

Since XLE is an SPL standard token and the token distribution is done instantly by the smart contract, it depends on the exchange that you opt.

8) Is there a KYC process?

Excelli Coins Sale will be done through Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), and as such, the crypto exchange will take care of the KYC process.

9) Who can participate in the IEO?

Excelli's IEO is a worldwide event and is open to everyone. However, regional laws and regulations apply. It is recommended that investors check their regional rules whether they can invest.

10) Why is XLE unique?

XLE is the world's first progressive crypto token. The uniqueness of the Excelli coin is the constant demand generation from the purchase transactions in the Excelli super app. A certain percentage of every transaction involving fiat currency within the super app will be given as cashback to the customers as Excelli coins. These coins are converted by purchasing from the crypto exchanges and credited into the customers' wallets. This constant demand generation brings stability to the Excelli coin, thereby progressively resulting in an increase in price.

11) What is the price of the XLE token?

The price of XLE token is set at $0.001 during the initial token exchange offering.

12) Is XLE a better reward token?

Yes, XLE is more stable than conventional crypto tokens due to the progressive pricing mechanism. In simpler terms, XLE is better than a usual utility token and brings more value to holders than any other reward token.