Excelli Coin

Introducing the World's 1st
Progressive Crypto Token

About Us


Excelli gives the power to make shopping a group event with social and monetary benefits both for the users and merchants. We let our customers share what inspires them, to their dear ones without barriers. We disrupt the way traditional e-commerce works by bringing in the concept of crypto token instead of a cashback coin with no monetary benefits.

The penultimate aim is to connect merchants across the nation with buyers through a super app fueled by its own utility token XLE. By bringing entertainment, encrypted chats, shopping with group buy options together, we stand out from the crowd and open up more possibilities for the public

Excelli Coin Powers Excelli Super App

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Real -
Time Value

Unlike the reward tokens of the leading e-commerce platforms that have no monetary value, XLE is a crypto token whose value depends on the market trends and can be traded in various crypto token exchanges where they are listed


While volatility being the major issue associated with crypto assets, XLE is based on a progressive pricing mechanism. XLE promises to deliver a guaranteed base price and constant demand generation of buying tokens for the platform, which provides stability ensuring that the XLE price won’t go below the IEO Price ($0.001), but the peak value is driven by the market demand

Multiple Use

The native tokens of other platforms have a limited number of use cases. XLE, on the other hand, can be used across a variety of products offered by the Excelli super app. XLE tokens can be stored in user's SPL-compatible wallets for easy spending across the platform


Instead of individual hashes, Solana creates a long complex chain of hashed transactions holding the order of transactions. This eliminates the need for a conventional timestamp and makes verification easy when a validator adds to a block

Low Gas

Having all the features of ERC-20 standard tokens, XLE has an additional advantage of being deployed on the Solana blockchain, which is less congested when compared to the other leading blockchains. This enhances the block validation time and overall transaction speed


With Excelli’s unique rewards program “Excelli Coins” you will start exploring the world of crypto as Excelli coins are backed by Blockchain enabled Crypto token.

  • Name

    Excelli Coin

  • Token Symbol


  • Token Standard


  • Blockchain


  • Token Price


  • Initial Token Supply

    3 Billion

  • Total Tokens Supply

    10 Billion

  • Full Dilution Value

    $12 Million

  • Decimal


  • Future minting

    Fixed supply, future minting disabled




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